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Educational Courses and Workshops at IAAL

The IAAL provides educational courses and workshops to teach interested physicians the skills and techniques necessary to perform successful and safe body-forming using Injection-Lipolysis. Furthermore educational courses by the IAAL shall guarantee, that patients are being advised correctly regarding the advantages and limits of this new therapy in comparison to other therapeutic tools in body-forming (e.g. Liposuction, Mesotherapy). Update courses help advanced practitioners of Injection-Lipolysis to stay in touch with the latest developments of the method thus guaranteeing happy and satisfied patients! IAAL-workshops and educational courses provide comprehensive training with leading specialists in the field of Aesthetic Lipolysis for an unmatched educational experience. IAAL-workshops are a great way to add a very promising procedure to your cosmetic surgery / aesthetic medicine-practice.

There are principally four kinds of educational courses at the moment

1) Introductional Aesthetic Lipolysis 1/2-day-Workshops for beginners
2) Complete Aesthetic Lipolysis 1 day-Workshops
3) Update Aesthetic Lipolysis 1/2 day-Workshops for advanced practitioners
4) Private Intensive Workshop 1/2-day to 1 day (on request)

There are three ways how you can participate on educational courses of IAAL:

Attend the workshop personally

The traditional way giving the most immersing and intensive experience is of course to travel to our trainingscenter in Vienna and attend our course physically. Sometimes due to invitation of Medical communities IAAL-courses are also being held in other places of the world. These courses are not always offered on our website. To inquire please mail us.

Attend the workshop virtually

What if you cannot make yourself free to travel to Austria? Maybe important operations are scheduled or you just got too much on your head in your office making it seem impossible for you to catch a plane to Vienna to attend our course and enjoy the traditional old capital of Austria some days. Then we offer you a way to take part on our workshop interactively via the internet! The workshop is getting transmitted to your office in realtime giving you the opportunity to attend it interactively (you might ask questions and give advises) without the necessity to spend time (and money) for travelling!

Download workshop-DVD

The third possibility is to download the video of our workshop from our website. Please note that transmitting and downloading have to be paid for every participant. DVDs are not to be sold or given to other persons except for your employed medical staff (see informed consens for this)