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Introductional Aesthetic Lipolysis 1/2 day-Workshop, Vienna

Who can attend the workshop
Physicians with valid licence from all specialities, other medical staff (e.g. nurses) only when attending together with their employing physician who must confirm that they are only entitled to assist in the treatment under physician`s supervison in his office.

Course objectives
After completion of the course participants shall be able to inform their patients competently about Injection-Lipolysis and treat small and flat fat deposits on face and body using the standard approach of Injection-Lipolysis. They shall be able to decide if a patient will be a good candidat for Lipolysis or would better benefit from liposuction or other methods of body-contouring. Participants will learn, how they can access the necessary phosphatidylcholine preparations in the best possible quality over the IAAL-office at a specialized licenced pharmacy in Vienna.

DDr.Heinrich`s Cosmetic-Surgery-office, A – 1010 Wien, Landhausg.2
T.: 0043 1 532 18 01
F.: 0043 1 532 18 01 40

Chairman and Medical Director of IAAL

Workshop 600.-- EUR (+Gov.Taxes)

Details of Programm

7.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
Theory of Injection-Lipolysis, legal considerations of “Off Label”-Treatments, patients consent-forms, standard injection techniques and dosages, discussion of the treatment of fat deposits of face and body, preparations and material needed. Demonstration on patients.

11.30 p.m.
End of workshop.