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How safe is Injection-Lipolysis
It is a very safe method. Injection-Lipolysis has been performed for more than a decade. So far, not a single case of serious or life threatening side effects has been reported. In all the bigger studies on Injection-Lipolysis the safety of the method has been proven.

Do you use Lipostabil?
No. Lipostabil is a pharmaceutical drug containing phosphatidylcholine that was used in the early days of Injection-Lipolysis. IAAL now recommends the use of phosphatidylcholine manufactured by specialized pharmacies (upon request).

Critics accuse phosphatidylcholine of causing complications. Is that true?
No. So far, not a single case has been published. Wherever Injection-Lipolysis has been performed for cosmetic reasons and by trained physicians the treatment was well tolerated. Critics have always pointed at an alleged high risk of the method. Same time they were not able to present even a single case in which serious side effects have occurred.

Is the efficacy of Injection-Lipolysis proven?
Yes. Both one of the early pioneers of the method Dr. Rittes and DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich have carried out studies to evaluate the efficacy of Injection-Lipolysis . In these studies various regions of the body were treated. All these studies showed high response rates (up to 95%) and high tolerability.

Where are the limits? When should liposuction be performed instead of Injection-Lipolysis ?
This not only depends on the size and localisation of the fatty tissue, but also on the personal preferences of the individual patient. In most cases larger amounts of fat are easier to remove by liposuction, whereas Injection-Lipolysis is the method of choice when it comes to treating smaller fatty deposits. The modifications of Injection-Lipolysis developed by DDr. Heinrich allow for more precise body forming, which has greatly broadened the indication of injection liopolysis.

Is the treatment painful?
No. Only some days after the subcutaneous injection of Phosphatidylcholine itching and burning sensations can be expected.

How long does it take, till results are visible?
The maximum result is reached after two to four weeks. After this time it becomes evident, how the individual patient reacts to the treatment. Then it can be decided whether further sessions of treatment with Phosphatidylcholine are necessary or promising.

How many treatment sessions are necessary to obtain desirable results?
Given a normal response to the treatment 4 - 6 sessions are needed, if the standard method is used. If the intensive approach developed by DDr. Heinrich is used 2 – 3 treatment sessions will be sufficient.

Does every patient respond equally to Injection-Lipolysis ?
No. All patients develop some kind of an inflammatory reaction with itching and reddening, but 5% of patient show no fat reduction. About 15% show slight reduction but will not be satisfied with the result. 80% will show satisfying results if their expectations were reasonable. If a patient shows no satisfying result (more frequent in male patients) surgical liposuction can be the method of choice.

Who is allowed to practise Injection-Lipolysis?
Every licensed physician. However, it should not be forgotten, that Injection-Lipolysis as any other method, requires skills and training. Only in the hands of well trained doctors the method will give desirable results.