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Dear colleague,

New procedures in the rapidly developing field of aesthetic surgery always pose a challenge to the medical community. On one side we welcome the development of new more smooth procedures that might replace surgery in some cases on the other side we have to be cautious before recommending unripe techniques to our patients. This was the situation I found myself in when Injection-Lipolysis was imported from South America to Europe 2003. I decided to conduct a clinical study to see, whether the claims of our south American colleagues that the procedure was safe and efficient were true. Contrary to the scepticism of many Plastic- and Cosmetic-Surgeons the method soon proved both to be safe and efficient not being a replacement of liposuction in all cases – as some might have feared – but as a complimentary treatment of small and medium fat deposits on face and body as well as cellulite. Injection-Lipolysis began a tremendous victory-tour through Europe – thousands of patients were treated successfully since then!
Proper training and education is the key to successfully treating patients without causing skin-irregularities or disappointment due to weak results in the patient. Having trained a lot of colleagues coming from all over the world to my office in Vienna I decided to found IAAL. IAAL is dedicated to training and educating physicians from all over the world on the field of Aesthetic Injection-Lipolysis as well as establishing treatment-standards to guarantee the best possible results as well as the maximum of safety for the patient.

Patient safety being our highest priority our next concern was to ensure, that every physician practicing Injection-Lipolysis can access the best possible pharmaceutical phosphatidylcholine-preparations available, without having to import it from dubious sources or pay a fortune for a phosphatidylcholine-containing drug often artificially hold in short supply from the manufacturer. IAAL also did succeed in this matter – physicians who attend our workshops learn where they can access the best available phosphatidylcholine from a specialized pharmacy for a reasonable price!

Injection-Lipolysis is a very promising procedure that you might choose to add to your cosmetic-surgery portfolio as a complimentary treatment of small to medium fat deposits on face and body, as well as cellulite! It doesn’t replace Microcannular Liposuction (the State of the Art in bodycontouring) but it will serve well a lot of your patients that need not or do not want to undergo surgery! Whether or not you choose to offer the treatment to your patients you will profit from our training by gaining competency regarding the inevitable questions your patients will pose to you about the treatment! IAAL is not only inviting beginners but also advanced practitioners that got their basic training from other sources to enrole in our workshops!

Chairman, Medical Director IAAL