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International Academy of Lipolysis Welcome to the International Academy of Aesthetic Lipolysis (IAAL)

The IAAL is dedicated to training and educating physicians from all over the world on the field of aesthetic Injection-Lipolysis. Being a relatively new aesthetic procedure, Injection-Lipolysis (Fat-Away-Injection) has in the meanwhile been well established - besides liposuction - as a frequently asked for methode in cosmetic surgery all over Europe and the US and is rapidly spreading to Asia and Africa. In clinical studies the methode has been proven capable of significantly reducing fatty deposits. In every new procedure, it is necessary to establish standards of treatment, to guarantee the best possible results as well as the maximum of safety for the patient. IAAL not only has established treatment-standard but is also consulting physicians on the best pharmaceutical preparations available to ensure the best possible results in the treatment. The basic version of Injection-Lipolysis, successfully used in South America since 1995, is today being practised by many physicians throughout the world.

The chairman and medical director of IAAL, Viennese cosmetic surgeon DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, was one of the first to use Fat Away Injection in Europe. From the very beginning he has also been working on documentation, evaluation and improvement of this relatively new technique and proved its efficency in a clinical study in Europe in 2004. Based on his experience and research he started modifying the basic technique to improve efficency, response rate and reduce the time needed for treatment. Today Injection-Lipolysis according to DDr. Heinrich yields results comparable to surgical liposuction. DDr. Heinrich not only has modified the method of application, he has also worked out the precise guidelines for dosage and injection-technique now taught in the workshops of IAAL.

The International Academy of Aesthetic Lipolysis is dedicated to the devellopement and refinement of Injection-Lipolysis. Thus we offer workshops for beginners on the field of classic Injection-Lipolysis as well as update-workshops in intensive approaches to body contouring for advanced practitioners, that aquired their basic training from other sources. Physicians trained at the IAAL can partake in the patients-referal system of the IAAL by opting to be listed in our directory. Membership to the IAAL is granted to experienced practitioners, dedicated to the field of Aesthetic Lipolysis.